Moving Base – Again

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am officially sick of WordPress. Besides the fact that I haven’t actually been to update my blog in goodness knows how long I’m just becoming incredibly frustrated at all the constant changes and the fact that it keeps logging me out when I tell it not to. Stupid reasons I know but when I feel like I have to fight with the inteface of a site I’m just not going to use it.

I’m going back to my roots. My first ever blog was on LiveJournal and I’ve opened up a new account there. I’m trying to start an Asylum Challenge if anybody is interested – though it is only loosely based on the rules.


Back to TS3

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Sims 3

So I’ve taken a bit of a break from The Sims for a while. I’m still extremely put off by the direction that EA are taking the game and I knew that there would be a catch to opting out of Simport. EA has never been considerate enough to think about people that want nothing to do with it whatsoever so it seems that my earlier beliefs will be coming true: Simport is going to be an unavaoidable pain in the backside that will both be introduced with Showtime AND the update patch. Wonderful. Cheers for that EA.

Anyway enough about that. I bought Lunar Lakes and had a bit of a play around in there. Unfortunately while I love the overall design of the neighbourhood I hated the buildings; I feel like  EA really copped out when they made a bunch of different portal rabbit holes instead of putting in proper, unique designs so I found the town a little bland in that sense. Fortunately those portals come in handy for making my own custom lots as they actually fit in the basements – yay!

While I’m not using Lunar Lakes now, I was inspired to make some more ‘alien’ sims.

Nathan Drake now owns my soul

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Uncharted, Video Games

So I’m one of the idiots people who bought the Playstation Vita on launch; I actually got what I feel was a pretty good deal on it to be honest. Normally the UK gets shafted with this kind of thing by certain companies Nintendo thinking that they can simply chance a $ to a £ and knock about twenty quid off. I won’t say how much it did cost me, but I got the Wi-Fi version which came bundled with Uncharted: Golden Abyss and an 8gb memory card.

The system itself feels like I got value for money. It is a teeny tiny bit too big for my small hands so I daresay I will probably go for the inevitable smaller version when Sony bring that out but it won’t be as painful on my wallet as most game stores here in the UK let you trade in your older model and give you a sizable amount off the old one or I can hand it in and get cash for it at CEX – a store that offers cash for your gadgets without feeling like a seedy pawn shop.

Vita came with a dead battery which I pretty much expected, but unlike the PSP it was happy to work for me as long as I hooked it up to the mains. The screen is huge and is absolutely gorgeous, the menus are extremely easy to use and within minutes I was exploring what the Vita has to offer me.

Then I made my first mistake. You see Vita will only allow one PSN account to be registered to it – to combat priacy I suppose but apparently I signed up a second PSN account at some point… and I assigned the wrong one to my Vita. This wouldn’t have been a problem since you can format the system and start again but I also got points on my reward card for preordering Vita, and used those points to buy a free PSN card… that I attached to the wrong account. D’OH!

Now; as for Uncharted itself. This wasn’t a game developed by Naughty Dog and it shows in some ways. I don’t actually find the touch screen stuff all that obtrusive which is good but – and this may just be me trying to find a flaw with a franchise that I love so so much – I don’t like that all the climbable surfaces shine. Uncharted has never been a free roaming game but this just makes it even more linear than it already is.

Dante is also getting on my nerves and this is a first – I have loved every single Uncharted character up until this point, even the main villain in Uncharted 2 but I really, really hope that I get to shoot Dante in the face. Now I live in England so I could be wrong but he strikes me as a very stereotypical, mouthy Italian-American and… yeah I want to shoot him in the face. He isn’t spoiling the game for me or anything like that, but he is kind of annoying. Maybe I’m just bummed because I’m on chapter 3 and haven’t seen Sully yet XD

I also have to mention the aiming. It is very, very twitchy and not like Uncharted at all. I’m coping but it’s a lot tougher than the PS3 games (although I’m getting way more head shots, I don’t understand how this is possible, maybe the game feels sorry for me XD).

But all those points are but minor niggles in what is a stunningly beautiful game. The character banter is still there, Nate is still in character (and still voiced by the lovely Nolan North) and as always, the characters just make it feel alive… even Dante XD

I think I’ve rambled enough, but I’ll leave you with this piece of eye-candy taken with the handy Vita screencapping ability which I will subsequently abuse the hell out of now I know it’s there.

Edit: Url because my layout smooshed the picture up:

Alright lady, WHAT is your problem!?

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Sims 3

…alright so playing a band is boring as hell and I wanted to try out a new world so I made a new sim and slipped him in. My GOD the drama, I’ve never had moments like this in the game before and I must say I found it both infuriating and hilarious all at the same time.

This is my new sim, Heine:

Well on his first night out on the town he happened across this young and very attractive woman and they hit it off really well, they danced a little, had a couple of drinks… it all seemed like it was progressing nicely. Then out of no where the psycho just unloads on him and yells at him for doing absolutely nothing! It wasn’t as though they disliked one another or that he kept doing interactions with her that she didn’t like, it was totally out of the blue.

But I decided to forget about it, the club was closing and daylight was threatening to break so I sent Heine home for some sleep. I was convinced that he was never going to hear from this girl again since she’d quite obviously flipped her lid about something and thought little more of it. A couple of days later he just finishes work and he gets a call from her inviting him to her party.

I decided to send him there since I wasn’t planning on doing anything else with him that night, who knows maybe she was going to apologise. So he gets there and chats to her, then again completely out of the blue she unloads on him, ranting and yelling… then tells him he’s being inappropriate and has to leave!

Needless to say Heine really likes this girl and he persists but it seems like any time it seems like he’s about to get somewhere with her she just does another 180 and throws a fit at him.

Things are looking up now, but good god what was her problem!? I’m used to creating drama in my sims lives but this is the first time I’ve had the game create drama for me without any nudging on my part. Geez.

They’re currently boyfriend and girlfriend for anyone whose curious, but goodness knows how long THAT’S going to last if she keeps up with this nonsense. My guy may well be the sweet and kind hearted type but he’s not about to put up with some broad giving him crap all the time. There are plenty of other ageless vampiric beauties out there.

My Page news update

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I’m not going to post the whole thing here, but I’ve made a thread about it. Ugh, just… UGH!

LOL You’re doing it wrong!

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Sims 3

Been playing on my band… waiting for my first gig for what feels like forever. I had to re-start them because my game decided to throw a bitch fit and wasn’t happy until I started a new game. Yay, that is promising so I was a bit fed up because I was having to skill them up again while still waiting for my first gig… then I saw this and it made me chuckle:

Trying out the bands

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Sims 3

So while I’m on the hunt for my TS2 disks I decided to try something I haven’t actually done yet in TS3; make a band.

Their names from left to right: Ryuichi Hao (Guitar), Kimi Otami (Drums), Saito Kirishiki (Bass) & Tony Stark (Keyboard).

I spent ages trying to find a suitable apartment for them. I wanted it to be basic living but at the same time have enough space for all of them so it wouldn’t be too crowded, I finally found one and re-furnished it. **This lot isn’t mine, I had nothing to do with the room layout or even the furniture layout for the most part, I just changed the style of furnishings**