Trying out the bands

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Sims 3

So while I’m on the hunt for my TS2 disks I decided to try something I haven’t actually done yet in TS3; make a band.

Their names from left to right: Ryuichi Hao (Guitar), Kimi Otami (Drums), Saito Kirishiki (Bass) & Tony Stark (Keyboard).

I spent ages trying to find a suitable apartment for them. I wanted it to be basic living but at the same time have enough space for all of them so it wouldn’t be too crowded, I finally found one and re-furnished it. **This lot isn’t mine, I had nothing to do with the room layout or even the furniture layout for the most part, I just changed the style of furnishings**


  1. Vidkid says:

    Awesome band Dark! Your sims are always so unique and cool. šŸ™‚ Where did you get the hair for Kimi Otami? šŸ˜®

  2. Vidkid says:

    You’re welcome and thank you so much! šŸ™‚ I would of never thought of looking there. xD

    • You’re welcome ^_^
      I found it purely by chance on Sunsetsims when I was looking to see if a pay hair had been put up there yet (sadly it hadn’t) and I just had to have it. It looks absolutely gorgeous in game but the amazing texture puts all my other CC hairs to shame!

      • Vidkid says:

        I’ve been looking for hair like this for a long time! I’m shocked how good it looks! Usually when you see a hairstyle like that it need re-texturing or just looks like pure crap. I think this is probably the best hair I’ve seen in awhile. 0_0

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