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Posted: February 26, 2012 in Sims 3

So I’ve taken a bit of a break from The Sims for a while. I’m still extremely put off by the direction that EA are taking the game and I knew that there would be a catch to opting out of Simport. EA has never been considerate enough to think about people that want nothing to do with it whatsoever so it seems that my earlier beliefs will be coming true: Simport is going to be an unavaoidable pain in the backside that will both be introduced with Showtime AND the update patch. Wonderful. Cheers for that EA.

Anyway enough about that. I bought Lunar Lakes and had a bit of a play around in there. Unfortunately while I love the overall design of the neighbourhood I hated the buildings; I feel like  EA really copped out when they made a bunch of different portal rabbit holes instead of putting in proper, unique designs so I found the town a little bland in that sense. Fortunately those portals come in handy for making my own custom lots as they actually fit in the basements – yay!

While I’m not using Lunar Lakes now, I was inspired to make some more ‘alien’ sims.


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