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My Page news update

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Rant, Sims 3


I’m not going to post the whole thing here, but I’ve made a thread about it. Ugh, just… UGH!


Sherlock – Season 2, Ep 1

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Rant

Well I’ll keep this short, sweet and spoiler free since it has literally just aired here in the UK. That was, without a doubt the WORST.EPISODE.EVER! So well done Moffat, you have officially ruined another decent British TV show with your sodding Mary Sue characters. Well done. Not only did the episode as a whole not make any sense whatsoever but without a certain character who I KNEW you were going to turn into Sherlock’s equivalent of River Song there is NOTHING to the episode.

I am so disgusted. Sherlock was the only decent thing on and you WRECKED IT.



30 Day Ban – WTF!?

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Rant, Sims 3

I’ve been banned for a month.

Apparently somebody did not like the image I selected for my latest sim and despite the fact that I have absolutely no record and thought that as the game was rated teen somebody holding up the middle finger wouldn’t be bad I’ve been given a 30 day ban. Funny isn’t it that people can post naked women all over the place but I post a little rebellious picture to tie in with my sim and I’m penalised for a whole fucking 30 days, no warning, nothing. So thank you to the little shitbag that reported my image. Thank you so much. ¬¬

Edit: Eh. Whatever. I was mad this morning but now that I think about it I don’t think I can be bothered contesting it. The EA forum has become so cliquey anyway. It seems that these days nobody is going to comment on anything that you do unless you’re with the ‘in’ crowd. I suppose in retrospect the ban is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I don’t know why I always go back to that place, it always ultimately ends up pissing me off.

I suppose it’s the traffic that appeals to me, but when said traffic is mostly built up of the same people patting one another on their back while ignoring anybody else that isn’t in their little group I have to wonder what the point is. It probably doesn’t help that as a whole I had about a month + long blackout period where I just wasn’t interested in simming or the community in the slightest.

I’m getting pretty damn sick of all the stupid ‘shout out’ threads created by people that just want to stroke one another’s egos. It’s pathetic and worst still there have been some great OT threads that have been deleted by the Gurus and yet bullshit threads like this: and are STILL here even though I saw them at about 12:30pm this afternoon.

Ultimately it’s not even the content that’s really annoying me, it’s the fact that those posts are still there when they have nothing to do with the sims whatsoever. It’s just useless spam!


Newsflash weather, it’s AUTUMN!

Posted: October 1, 2011 in Rant

I would expect this kind of nonsense in Australia where the seasons are the other way around but as it stands this is England and it is bloody October so please do tell me weather why you have decided to be so utterly, unbearably HOT these past few days?! It’s supposed to be getting colder and I’m sat here in a frigging tank top sweating like a bitch.

It’s bad enough that I have to tolerate the constant harassment from spiders but now on top of that I have to do so in stupidly hot weather? Ngh! Autumn is supposed to be my happy time where I can leave the stupidly hot and humid summers behind but noooo ¬¬ I had to get screwed over one final time by some stupid tropical weather front that doesn’t belong anywhere near us. Fantastic.

Ngh… I’m so hot ;_;


Posted: September 10, 2011 in Rant, Sims 3

You quoted me 30 minutes EA. 30 minutes to get onto your sodding Tier 2 to sort out why my game which booted up earlier today now will not load at all. Ever since nearing the 1 minute mark your stupid chat program has done nothing but BUMP ME BACK



Edit 2: THEY’VE JUST DONE IT TO ME AGAIN! What!? Is waiting 30 fucking minutes not enough!?

Edit 3: You are currently number 4 in the queue. We apologize for the delay. We will assign you to an agent as soon as one is available. The average amount of time a customer has to wait is 15:15. – really now EA. Are you sure about that? Because I’ve been queuing for much longer than 15 fucking minutes. Try 45. Jackasses. Then again you’ve pushed me back 3 times, I clearly don’t fucking EXIST!


Edit 5: You are currently number 3 in the queue. We apologize for the delay. We will assign you to an agent as soon as one is available. The average amount of time a customer has to wait is 24:09. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS ASS! No one should EVER have to wait this damn long!

Edit 6: Well I still have a broken game. Yay ¬¬


Posted: September 5, 2011 in Rant

…three days ago on Friday night I was happily watching Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason when out of the corner of my eye I saw it; the horrific sight of an eight-legged fiend launching itself across my carpet at breakneck speed only to burrow into the clothes I had meant to put away but hadn’t gotten around to.

I screamed.

It proceeded to come out and torment me a subsequent 5 times over the space of an hour, the thing was a total psycho. I caught it eventually under a glass and my dad got rid of it. My hero. The same night I went to the bathroom at about 2am after my parents had gone to bed, there was another one sat in the bath. Wonderful ¬¬.

Saturday came and went without event and I had convinced myself that this was just one of those things. As much as I’d like to I can’t guarantee that they’ll never come into my room, so I left it at that.

Then Sunday morning happened… I woke up from a deep sleep at 8am and was perfectly happy to nod off again when I noticed it out of the corner of my eye, a great, brown blob on the corner of my wall.

I screamed.

Once again, my dad came in and saved me and threw it out of the window. I didn’t see another one all day. By this point I had seen three in the space of as many days. Not fun. I’m getting rather paranoid by this point, checking every corner and above my head (very-very important).

Monday morning; I woke up before my alarm at 6am and again, was quite content to nod off again… when I saw it. ANOTHER one crawling along the top of my wall… that then decided to go onto the ceiling. Great. My dad was still asleep and my mum was at work – I HAD to deal with this one. So I threw things at it to knock it off so I could trap it. I’m a shit shot so I failed and then it took anther few steps, fell off and legged it. I pounced and got it under a glass. Hurrah!

But fuck me. 4 in 3 days!? This is NOT fair. I wouldn’t call myself fully arachnophobic because I can cope with the little ones but the big ones (by British standards (i.e. not very big compared to the rest of the world – I cried when I saw a basic Huntsman in Australia) freak me out bigtime. It’s the way they move, I have a constant paranoia in their presence that they’re going to launch themselves at me or flipping fall on me, I have nightmares about waking up with one crawling on me… I don’t like them. They aren’t poisonous, they can’t bite me. I know they’re just as scared as me and that having a phobia like this is completely stupid in this country… but I do. So this is how it is.

I’m in my room at the moment while I’m writing this and I swear, I’m looking all over – I’m so flipping paranoid right now.