Maybe going back to TS2…

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Lately I’ve found myself tempted to go back to The Sims 2. I think ultimately it suits my playing style a great deal better and I’m really beginning to detest the way that EA is going with the series. A more intrusive store? No thanks. Late Night 2.0 with added social features? No thanks. Katy Perry for an extra $10 (goodness knows how much here in the UK if we get it)? No thanks.

But with that in mind I actually have to thank EA. You see I have been teetering on the bring of giving up on TS3 for so long. I said I wouldn’t buy Generations and I caved. I was extremely pissed off about Pets, CANCELLED my preorder… and then bought it anyway when I found out that they’d fucked up the whole limited edition thing anyway. Now I can honestly say that I don’t want Showtime. If I get Showtime I’ll have to patch and then subsequently deal with the nonsense the newly intrusive store will cause before I can turn it off. If I get Showtime I’ll have social networking at the brink of my fingertips, which I don’t want. There’s a reason I’m not on Facebook and Twitter etc – because while I like chatting on forums and over instant messenger, I don’t like social networking sites like that.

So yeah, cheers EA for making TS3 so undesirable that even I with my compulsive spending habits and ‘OMG spiral stairs I must have it!’ tendencies I’m honestly not compelled even in the slightest to purchase this next expansion pack.

In other news; please can all the new years resolution people get fed up already? You are making the gym crowded, you have blocked me from being able to get into the Bokwa class because I was sick last week and didn’t manage to book in time before the class filled up. We all know you’re not going to stick to it so stop hogging all the machines in what is a relatively small gym, all the classes and just FUCK OFF, alright!? (Edit: Wonderful. I can now book for next week’s class except oh wait, I can’t because I have to wait until 9am. I’m at sodding work at 9am! I’m not allowed to use the internet. Cheers for that ¬¬ thank goodness I have a good friend who will book in for me, she works retail so her hours are a lot more flexible than mine. Still though, what a pain in the backside. I can’t be the only person whose been blocked from going either due to random people who have no intention of keeping it up taking the slots and they must be just as aggrovated).

Also WordPress? Stop logging me out! I left Blogger because it kept buggering up my posts but every time I come here they’ve fucked around with something and flipping well logged me out. I told you to remember me damnit!

Edit: …I seem to have gotten rid of my TS2 disks without realizing. Great. Time to be hitting up a friend to borrow what she has and then DDing the others so she can have her disks back. Yay. At least they’re cheap now.


Sherlock – Season 2, Ep 1

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Rant

Well I’ll keep this short, sweet and spoiler free since it has literally just aired here in the UK. That was, without a doubt the WORST.EPISODE.EVER! So well done Moffat, you have officially ruined another decent British TV show with your sodding Mary Sue characters. Well done. Not only did the episode as a whole not make any sense whatsoever but without a certain character who I KNEW you were going to turn into Sherlock’s equivalent of River Song there is NOTHING to the episode.

I am so disgusted. Sherlock was the only decent thing on and you WRECKED IT.




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So I’ve recently started doing Bokwa.

I’ve actually been interested in giving Zumba but as I work full time I’ve found it rather difficult to sign up to it. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of classes around but I have a gym membership and get to go to classes like that for free, something which I would like to take advantage of and sadly the only Zumba class at my gym starts while I’m still at work.

I’d never even heard of Bokwa but my gym started putting up posters about it and last week I decided to give it a shot. It’s a lot of fun… tiring sure and it highlights just how unfit I am but to hell with it, I like it, it’s fun and unlike the gym I don’t get bored after about 10 minutes, yay!

It looks complicated but what you can’t see in the video is that the instructor is actually giving hand signals and depending on the hand signal that’s the move you do, it’s pretty awesome.

Ban Revoked

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Sims 3

Someone finally got back to me and acknowledged that I had been wrongly banned and has revoked it. They even appear to have reset my account; my old Nathan Drake avatar was back on display and even the offending sim that they removed was mysteriously back in my studio.

I removed him anyway mind you, not tempting fate and encouraging another sod to report me for no frigging reason.

They actually released my account a couple of days ago, but I’ve been a bit busy and couldn’t be bothered logging back into it XD

30 Day Ban – WTF!?

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Rant, Sims 3

I’ve been banned for a month.

Apparently somebody did not like the image I selected for my latest sim and despite the fact that I have absolutely no record and thought that as the game was rated teen somebody holding up the middle finger wouldn’t be bad I’ve been given a 30 day ban. Funny isn’t it that people can post naked women all over the place but I post a little rebellious picture to tie in with my sim and I’m penalised for a whole fucking 30 days, no warning, nothing. So thank you to the little shitbag that reported my image. Thank you so much. ¬¬

Edit: Eh. Whatever. I was mad this morning but now that I think about it I don’t think I can be bothered contesting it. The EA forum has become so cliquey anyway. It seems that these days nobody is going to comment on anything that you do unless you’re with the ‘in’ crowd. I suppose in retrospect the ban is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I don’t know why I always go back to that place, it always ultimately ends up pissing me off.

I suppose it’s the traffic that appeals to me, but when said traffic is mostly built up of the same people patting one another on their back while ignoring anybody else that isn’t in their little group I have to wonder what the point is. It probably doesn’t help that as a whole I had about a month + long blackout period where I just wasn’t interested in simming or the community in the slightest.

VGA – Results

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Video Games

I really wish that WordPress would stop logging me out. It’s getting as bad as the EA forum.

I’ve finally gone and checked out the video game awards results and I must say that there were a few surprises. Skyrim definately deserved GOTY no question; I have been sucked into the world of Elder Scrolls myself and the only reason why I have stopped playing is because I was a fool and bought the PS3 version and I’m tired of losing progress on my Dark Elf because the game decides to randomly freeze on a loading screen or while I’m roaming around the wilderness… the stuttering framerate isn’t helping. I admit I really wish I had done research before buying it as it looks like I went for the buggiest version, I don’t really use my 360 that much but I’m toying with trading in the PS3 version for the PC version instead since fan patches will be able to release most of the game’s problems.

It sounds mental I know. I’ve put a lot of hours into the game and my character is level 18 with all the glass armour but I’ve been mostly dicking around and haven’t even begun the main campaign yet, so there’s not really a big loss there.

I was surprised that Batman: Arkham City won the top 360 title – how can a game that’s available on both PS3 and 360 take the top title? Then I remembered that there hasn’t really been many exclusive games for the 360. As for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception taking the top PS3 spot… well I am a huge Uncharted fan so I was very pleased with that result but I do think that it should have also won Best Action / Adventure over Arkham City. While the latter does look like a good game that I intend to pick up when it’s cheaper it also seems to get rather repetitive very quickly from looking at the Lets Plays and while I’m sure that there are people that would argue Uncharted also becomes repetitive it has the story and character development to support it IMO.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword winning for the Wii was such an ass pull. The game has barely been out here in the UK and I don’t think America has had it all that long either but then again you have to ask what other games of note have come out on the Wii? Nothing. So in that respect it doesn’t surprise me that it won best game for Wii and Best Motion Game, but I do think it was an ass pull.

As was Mario winning for the 3DS. I mean seriously? That’s another game that’s barely been out at all but Nintendo’s lacklustre releases this year have probably resulted in that.

I’m glad Portal 2 picked up the Best PC Game and while I’m slightly surprised that Nolan North didn’t take the win for Best Male Role for Nathan Drake I’m glad that Stephen Merchant got it for Wheatley because that was a fantastic performance and made me really warm to that moronic little ball 😀

Random Pic

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Sims 3

I love this picture so much, sadly it was taken before I put back in the lighting mods I normally use. It was such a fluke picture too.